Titan Aviation Joins the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 28, 2018) – The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) is pleased to announce that the Titan Aviation Group is the newest charter operator to join the ACSF. Along with 176 other companies, Titan Aviation supports the ACSF’s vision to promote and enable the highest levels of safety in personal, business and charter aviation through the promotion and facilitation of risk management programs.

“At Titan Aviation, safety is at the foundation of all our services,” said Titan Aviation’s US Director of Jet Charter and Marketing, Michelle Gamble. “Our steadfast dedication to passenger safety and security is supported by a comprehensive and ongoing program of internal review and third-party audits. Our membership heightens the validity of our commitment to safety, and we’re very pleased to have the support of the ACSF.”

Titan Aviation has the shared attitude among its team members that safety, above and beyond what is considered regulatory, must be a core value for the company. “The entire company is built around a top-down culture of safety that expects and encourages clear, open dialogue, empowering every team member to be an active contributor to the welfare of its passengers. “We are delighted they have joined the Air Charter Safety Foundation,” said ACSF President Bryan Burns.

Founded in 2004 in Dubai and India by passionate aviation professionals, and more-recently established in the US (and Europe), Titan Aviation stands out for its professional, ethical and transparent business practices. It has developed customized/flexible and ‘turnkey’ private-aviation solutions, built-around Aircraft Management, Aircraft Chartering, Aircraft Sales/Acquisitions and Aviation Consultancy services.


VIDEO: Titan Aviation President Javed Ahmed on the Legacy 650E


Titan Aviation to Participate in Aero India 2017 in Bengaluru, India

The eleventh edition of Aero India will be held at Air Force Station, Yelahanka, Bengaluru from 14 to 18 Feb 2017.

Aero India has already carved a niche for itself globally as a premier aerospace exhibition, with ten successful editions organised since 1996.As with the previous editions, Titan Aviation will be participating in the AERO INDIA 2017 edition, as a registered aviation services company.

Aero India 2017 will provide a significant platform in bolstering business opportunities in International aviation sector. It has favourably poised an exponential growth over previous edition. A rapidly growing economy, defence preparedness challenges and opening up of defence production to private sector, have given a major fillip to the defence industry in India. It has also become a hub centre for defence business in the Asia.


Captain Sakeer C. Sheik listed in CEO Magazine’s “30 Most Successful Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017”

Titan Aviation, a leading firm that optimizes aviation solution for many brands, is a brainchild of a first generation entrepreneur Capt. Sakeer C. Sheik. It is a company with right blend of technology and aviation management. Strategically located at Kodihalli Main Road, Bengaluru (Karnataka) having branch office in Dubai, Titan Aviation offers a wide range of aviation services that include Aircraft Management, Aircraft Charters, Aircraft Sales and Lease, Aviation HR and Flight Clearances and Permits etc.

Implementing aviation solution in the industry is a challenge on account of various factors, which Titan Aviation has successfully achieved by adopting client centric approach rather than traditional product centric approach. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs and industry requirements, the company delivers tailor-made, scalable and robust aviation solutions.

Titan Aviation’s experience in the industry translates into a differentiated value proposition and stimulates time- to-market for clients. The company successfully delivers comprehensive services to many clients. Titan Aviation’s efficient and flexible world class aviation services process zero down risks of project failures and make excellent bonding with clients that meet present as well as future demands.

As per the research & analysis of The CEO Magazine, Titan Aviation has been found one of the Fortune companies which is considered to provide a wonderful work culture for its employees. Speaking to TCM, Capt. Sheik says, “The company’s success can be attributed to its employees. It has been booming day-to-day with the help of its highly professional and talented team who are working with a great zeal. This accomplishment is a testament to their strong global culture and a reflection of the passion and commitment that their employees bring to work every day. Titan Aviation’s staffs are the heart and soul of a go-beyond culture that enables Titan Aviation to attract and retain one of the best team in the world and drives the company’s competitive advantage. Their commitment to shared values unites them globally and fosters and environment in which innovation and teamwork thrive.”

What TCM realized the most is that Capt. Sheik does not use the word ’employees’ for their working people. He asserts, “All the working people are our team members and equally important for the company with their roles.”

Creating an environment in which innovation and Titan Aviation’s team members thrive contributes directly to their customers’ and partners success. Being a great company to work for makes them a great company to work with. Titan Aviation’s clients can feel the difference in the way they collaborate with clients. Inspired and happy team members make success happen for Titan Aviation’s customers and partners around the world. At the company, they share a vision to be a model company. This vision drives the company to deliver the best possible results for the communities they serve by living a set of core values. The people at Titan Aviation believe that being a model company means winning in the marketplace with integrity and honor. A great culture is the foundation for success—for them and for their customers and partners.

Capt. Sakeer C. Sheik in chat with Abhishek Dubey-Editor at TCM

Q: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?
A: During early 2000, being in the Middle East I observed a niche market for luxury travel while in the business of providing cockpit crew to airlines and corporate jet owners. That’s how the business idea of private air charter was born.

Q: What was your mission at the outset?
A: Provide high quality and value added service to our clients – be it Air charter, Aircraft sales or Aircraft management.

Q: To what do you attribute your success?
A: I would like to attribute my success to our High quality of service, Attention to Detail, Motivated Team Members and Right place at the right time.

Q: What do you look for in an employee? The most important things to us is that they fit into our corporate culture !
A: Passion; we do not want staff members to come and work for us we want them to come and work for THEMSELVES.

Q: What’s your company’s goal?
A: Being the best in our line of business is our biggest goal.

Q: What is unique about your business?
A: High net worth clients require very high standard of attention and delivery of service. Safety is paramount and we have to maintain high quality and high safety across all our activities.

Q: What are your responsibilities as the business head?
A: Keep team members motivated, Sustain the business, Generate new business and maintain the revenue stream, and be the face of the company.

Q: What made you choose this type of business?
A: Passion and uniqueness of the offerings and services made me to enter in this business.

Q: Have you ever turned down a client?
A: Yes, we have professional ethics to advise and guide the clients and we have made clients understand if they do not fit into the mould. This has been done to protect their interest.

Q: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
A: Be passionate about what you do.


For Titan Aviation, San Marino Is A Breath of Fresh Air

Dubai-based Titan Aviation has placed a Gulfstream G-V, which it has been operating on behalf of a private owner since delivery in October, on San Marino’s register. Captain Sakeer Sheik outlines the advantages of the move: “Our decision was born primarily out of the convenience of intended operations in Europe.”

“We find from a day to day operational point of view that the staff in San Marino are a breath of fresh air to work with. The team has an attitude that nothing is too much bother.”

Captain Sheik has presented last minute requests in light of operational changes, and says that these requests are always accommodated. “Even if we contact them outside of working hours, or over a weekend, they are happy to help. When they do come across something that doesn’t quite fit the box, they seek clarification from the legislation, and are generally able to offer a solution, within 48 hours. They have a good team behind the scenes, with an extremely high level of experience.”

Titan now intends to transfer other aircraft onto the registry.

The Gulfstream G – 550 Interiors : A Video Overview


Bell Helicopter Signs Titan Aviation as Its First CAP Customer In India

Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. company, has announced significant progress with its customer service – continuing to provide the best customer support in the industry.

“In 2016 we launched a brand-new support solution, our Customer Advantage Plans (CAP), and strengthened our support network, adding four new service centers across the globe,” said Glenn Isbell, executive vice president, customer support and services for Bell Helicopter. “We will continue to enhance our customer support capabilities, and I am excited to carry this momentum into the New Year.”

Bell Helicopter’s CAP provides customers with comprehensive coverage solutions for their daily operations. Since its launch, the innovative support solution has gained traction across the globe – with current customers represented in regions including North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe. The plans have additionally been adopted by customers in mission segments ranging from emergency medical, corporate/VIP to oil-and-gas operators.

Multiple large fleets have also adopted the plans, including the most recent announced customer, Heliservicio, signing its large fleet of 20 Bell 412EPs.

“We will continue to support our customers’ success with products and services that provide the most value, responsiveness and cost competiveness for their operations,” added Isbell.

Recently, Bell Helicopter signed its first CAP customer in India. The corporate customer operates a Bell 429 and was signed through Dubai-based aircraft management company, Titan Aviation Group.

“With predictable maintenance costs, priority access to parts and assemblies and increased aircraft availability, Bell Helicopter’s Customer Advantage Plan provides peace of mind, knowing my investment is protected,” said Sakeer Sheik, a Bell 429 customer.

In addition to the support plans, Bell Helicopter continues to strengthen its support network, adding four newly-authorized customer service facilities just last year:

Zhenjiang Aerochine Aviation Limited, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, PRC;
Eagle Copters Australasia, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia;
Genel Havacilik A.S. Turkey, Istanbul; and
Petroleum Air Services, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.

“The addition of our newly-authorized customer service facilities reinforces our commitment to enhancing the regional support customers need to continue their operations,” said Mike Reagan, director, global services at Bell Helicopter.

Bell Helicopter’s customer service facilities aim to enhance customer satisfaction by providing a personal link between Bell Helicopter and its customers. With services ranging from aircraft refurbishment and accessory options to maintenance, repair and overhaul solutions, combined with personalized service offerings, Bell Helicopter’s service facilities provides complete and seamless support — offering Bell Helicopter customers the advantages of a one-stop service experience worldwide.

– Originially released and published via Vertical Mag here

Uncategorized Dubai-based Titan Aviation Adds Three Jets to Fleet

Dubai-based international aviation services firm Titan Aviation will add three new aircraft to its fleet to mark its 10th year of operations, the firm announced.

The company said that it had inducted a Hawker 900XP, Learjet 60XR and Embraer Legacy 650 to the managed fleet, which now comprises seven business jets and one helicopter, based in the Middle East, India and Europe.

“We are delighted to mark our 10th anniversary by adding three new aircraft to the managed fleet. We also have a further four managed aircraft in the pipeline, so the business has real momentum,” said Captain Sakeer Sheik, Managing Director of Titan Aviation.

“It’s been an eventful 10 years in which we have seen the regional private aviation industry consolidate and mature, and Titan has played a role in this process by offering all the benefits and advantages of aircraft ownership without any of the burdens such as regulatory issues, operational coordination, maintenance and administrative matters, and crew. We have also sold over 35 aircraft in this period, helped make aircraft profitable for owners and developed a unique regional aviation HR service.”

Titan’s fleet already includes Embraer Legacy 600s, and Embraer Phenom 100s. Two of the managed business jets are available to the charter market.

“During the last 10 years, Titan Aviation has successfully placed 450 pilots in the region – as well as Crew members, Examiners & Instructors and Sales/Marketing Managers in aviation companies across the region and this is an achievement of which we are especially proud,” added Captain Sakeer. “This confidential aviation HR service remains unique and it has made a significant contribution to the development of the industry in the region. We are always on the look out for talented professionals and we are now looking ahead to the rise of low-cost airlines and expect to be working with more specialists in this field in the future.”

The Legacy 650 from Embraer : A Virtual Walk-through


Titan Aviation Delivers New Bell 429 in India

Titan Aviation delivered a brand new Bell 429 to the private owner in India on 13th October. The helicopter is exclusively for the owner’s private use and will be based in the southern state of Kerala in India. Titan Aviation handled the entire project of identifying and importing the helicopter on behalf of its customer.

“With the delivery of the second machine to the same owner, Titan Aviation achieves a very significant milestone and it is also our first Bell 429 helicopter. It performs very well and the owners are very happy with its utility. The support we have received from Bell so far is also commendable. We hope that their support and co-operation continues.”, says Capt. Sakeer Sheik, MD of Titan Aviation.

Titan Aviation will operate and manage the Bell 429, which is now based in a private helipad constructed for the owner’s exclusive use. The company also manages the helipad. “We are pleased to provide one stop solution for the owner who continues to focus on their business expansion while we move them from place to place”, says Capt. Sakeer. According to him, it is a testimony of the quality services offered by the company that the owner continues to entrust the operations of their private jet, helicopter and management of helipad to Titan Aviation. “This is our achievement”, he claims.

Titan Aviation’s unique “one-stop-shop” service includes aircraft sales, operations& maintenance management and air charter services in UAE and India. The company currently has a fleet of privately managed aircraft including Gulfstream V, Legacy 600/650, Phenom 100/300 and helicopters.


Titan Aviation Adds Two Jets to Managed Fleet

Titan Aviation has recently added a Global 5000 and a Hawker 800XP to its managed fleet in the Middle East. Both the Aircraft will be flown exclusively for the owners.

Welcoming the aircraft to its fleet, Mahesh Iyer, President of Titan Aviation Group said, “We have provided excellent quality services to the Private Aircraft Owners which has become our forte. We are pleased to add two more Aircraft to our fleet, which offers flexibility for our client’s travel needs. The Global 5000 helps the Client to travel intercontinental distances whereas the Hawker 800XP offers good cabin space and comfort for short hops in the GCC and Africa region.”

According to Rajesh Rajan, Chief Operating Officer of the Group, “Operationally, Global is an aircraft that gives lot of flexibility in range and we also ensure it serves the owner fully by having a flight engineer on-board all the time. Hawker 800XP is a very versatile machine, and we are happy with the availability of support in the GCC and Asia region which ensures continuous operations”. He adds that the aircraft are maintained exclusively at authorised service centres to ensure “accountability”.

Titan Aviation is an aviation services company, established in 2004, offering a wide array of services, including Aircraft Management, Charter, Sales & Leasing, Cockpit Crew Support and Pilot Training. It manages a fleet of 10 jets, across Asia and Middle East, and is expanding its services to Singapore and the UK. The company has been certified by international auditors such as IS-BAO, and works with many reputed lenders as the Operator of choice.

Titan stands out for its responsiveness and transparent business practices, distinctively offering highly skilled and professional service at a very competitive cost. Its team consists of Aviation professionals, covering all categories of the industry, including General, Corporate and Commercial Aviation.


Titan Aviation Adds Gulfstream V

DUBAI, U.A.E. (October 21, 2013) – Titan Aviation added a Gulfstream V to its managed fleet and the aircraft was handed over to the Operations team at the manufacturer’s facility in Luton, London. The aircraft will be managed and operated by Titan Aviation for exclusive private use of its owner.

Configured to accommodate 16 passengers in utmost comfort and luxury in three cabin zones, the luxurious jet is equipped with state-of-the-art features such as high speed communication – voice & data, air show, in-flight entertainment etc. The cockpit crew is pleased with the Heads up Display (HUD) features and they will have the use of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) available, along with I pad – the objective is to establish a paperless cockpit environment.

“We are pleased to accept the Rolls of the skies, on behalf of the Owner. The owners have been active flyers on the same family of aircraft for many years. Passenger comfort in the GVis unmatched and it also offers the perfect range for the owner’s travel profile; GV has excellent dispatch reliability and Gulfstream product support is also world class – around the globe.” said Capt. Sakeer C. Sheik, Managing Director of Titan Aviation.

Chief Pilot of Titan Aviation who is a veteran Gulfstream pilot lauds the GV for its versatility and performance. “I have flown Gulfstreams many years and I am very impressed of the climb performance which allows us in most cases to climb up to FL450 right after T/O. HUD and EVS improve our safety during poor visibility. We are working on converting the cockpit into a paperless environment”. He and his team of Pilots along with Maintenance team of Titan Aviation are currently working on various process improvements to ensure the Owner gets the best out of his private jet.

Javed Ahmed, Technical Director of Titan Aviation welcomes the GV to the fleet, “We are happy to have the GV with us and have already proven to the owner that he can keep to his travel schedule with minimum down time of his aircraft.” With CAMO approvals from relevant Civil Aviation Authorities, Titan Aviation is emerging us a one-stop solution provider for many aircraft owners, according to Javed.

Inside the Gulfstream V : A Video Tour