Titan Aviation offers Empty Leg Flights option to those who are interested in finding one-way flights.

An empty leg situation exists when the original trip is booked as a one-way drop-off – only flight for a customer. The return trip back to the base of operations or any destinations on the way back to the base is available for customers who are looking for only one-way flights. Titan Aviation’s marketing department monitors the flight operations and updates the availability of the empty leg flights with sectors as and when an opportunity exists. The empty legs are very competitively priced so that it benefits our customers.


Collaborate & Get More

Titan Aviation also invites other operators to post their empty legs availability in our website. This feature offers twin benefits: the customer can now choose from a choice of destinations for empty leg flights; and the operator can market their empty-legs more efficiently as it reaches more customers through our website.

Please call us on +9714-298-9665 (open 24/7) for additional information. We look forward to finding an empty leg of your choice.

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