Gulfstream G 150

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    Gulfstream G 150 - Features

    With its ingenious extra girth, the G100’s successor boasts a best-in-class cabin cross-section to complement best-in-class cruise performance as well.

    • Seating Capacity 06 Pax & 02 Crew
    • YOM 2009
    • Maximum Range 3,000 Nautical Miles
    • Cruise Altitude 45,000 ft
    • Cruise Speed 562 KTS
    • Base Bengaluru

    The G150 entered service in August 2006 as a replacement for the G100. The new aircraft’s performance immediately put it at the top of the mid-size class of business jets.

    The versatile aircraft has the longest range at the fastest speed in its class. The G150 has a dispatch reliability rate of 99.83 percent and is certified in more than 45 countries, including the U.S., Brazil, Canada, China, England, Germany, Israel and Switzerland.

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