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    Gulfstream G 200 - Features

    The Gulfstream 200 was one of the first private jets in the Gulfstream series, jets that would become top competitors in the super-midsize category. The Gulfstream 200 has everything that could be desired in a private jet: great range, cabin size, and speed. It’s the ideal jet for completing long-range missions rapidly and comfortably.

    • Seating Capacity 09 Pax & 02 Crew
    • YOM 2006 & 2010
    • Maximum Range 3,400 Nautical Miles
    • Cruise Altitude 45,000 ft
    • Cruise Speed 458 KTS
    • Base Chennai & Bengaluru

    The Gulfstream G 200 mid-size corporate jet is built by Israel Aircraft Industries and was originally marketed and supported by subsidiary Galaxy Aerospace Inc, which was acquired by Gulfstream in May 2001.

    The Galaxy features a wing design based on the swept high speed unit of the Astra, but otherwise is a completely new design. It features a new “widebody” fuselage, significantly wider and longer than the Astra’s, with standup room. The rear fuselage is area ruled to reduce drag, while the wing features winglets. The Galaxy also features an EFIS Collins Pro Line 4 cockpit and nonstop trans Atlantic and one stop trans Pacific range.


    IAI selected the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW-306A turbofans for the Galaxy in January 1993 after studying competing designs from Allison (the AE-3007) and AlliedSignal/General Electric (the CFE-738). The PW-306A is a growth development (with increased fan diameter, improved hot end material and a forced mixer in the exhaust) of the PW-305 series that powers the Hawker 1000 and Learjet 60. In June 2001, Galaxy Aerospace was acquired by Gulfstream Aerospace, who now owns the type certificate and is responsible for further development and engineering support.

    The Galaxy was renamed Gulfstream G200 at the same time. Israel Aircraft Industries continues to build and test fly the aircraft in Israel at its Tel Aviv facilities, which are then flown “green” to Gulfstream’s completion center at Dallas Love Field airport in Texas, where interiors and optional equipment are installed.

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