Phenom 100

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    • Phenom-100-Cabin-Interiors-Titan-Aviation

    A six-time winner of Robb Report’s Best of the Best award in its segment, the Phenom’s roomiestin-class cabin can comfortably carry up to seven passengers.

    • Seating Capacity 04 Pax & 02 Crew
    • YOM 2010
    • Maximum Range 1200 Nautical Miles
    • Cruise Altitude 41, 000 ft
    • Cruise Speed 350 KTS
    • Base Chennai

    Phenom 100 is the next generation of the industry’s most desired very-light jet.

    An updated engine FADEC enables the Phenom 100 EV to surpass the 400-knot cruise-speed barrier, while significantly improving takeoff performance in hot and high conditions. Up to 15% more thrust shortens takeoffs by the length of three football fields and trims 25% off time to initial cruise altitude. These enhancements are accompanied by a gross weight increase that allows the aircraft to boost its payload.

    The Phenom 100 EV’s new avionics suite — the Prodigy® Touch, based on the Garmin G3000 — features the first-ever touchscreen glass flight deck designed for light turbine aircraft. Prodigy® Touch revolutionizes flight management, replacing traditional switches and buttons with larger, centralized touchscreens. The avionics suite also includes enhanced vertical navigation and a new weather radar, the GWX 70, with ground clutter suppression and turbulence detection. SurfaceWatch and Reactive Windshear Alerting also are available.

    A six-time winner of Robb Report’s Best of the Best award in its segment, the Phenom’s roomiestin-class cabin can comfortably carry up to seven passengers. The exclusive OvalLite™ cabin offers a modern, sophisticated design with abundant leg and head room, plus the largest windows and baggage capacity in its class. The Phenom’s private lavatory is the only one in its category with windows, for plenty of natural light. Contributing to its unsurpassed ramp presence is the signature air stair leading to the largest entrance door in its class.

    Other new features in the Phenom 100 EV improve convenience and comfort, including relocated power outlets and a redesigned floor sill that increases aisle width.

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