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Founded in 2004 and promoted by aviation professionals, Titan Aviation stands out for its responsiveness and transparent business practices. The company is one-of-its-kind offering such highly skilled and professional service at a very competitive cost.

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Our Services

Based out of India and Middle East, Titan Aviation offers a wide array of services, including Aircraft Management, Aircraft Chartering, Aircraft Sales and Lease, Aviation HR and Flight Clearances and Permits.

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  • Aircraft Charters

    Sheer flexibility in planning a trip from the moment you decide when and where to go.

  • Aircraft Management

    A complete aircraft management program that combines experience, safety and reliability

  • Aircraft Sales

    Rely on our global expertise to assist you in buying or selling new and pre-owned aircrafts

  • Aviation HR

    A unique, confidential & hugely successful aviation HR service, always seeking the best

  • Aircraft Acceptance

    Each Aircraft model has specific items that need to be tested and evaluated thoroughly

  • Aviation Consultancy

    Purchasing a new or a used aircraft ? Ensure that it is in excellent condition

  • Flight Support

    Titan Aviation offers support & services for comprehensive International flight operations


A Great Team to Help You Soar

" It’s been an eventful 14 years in which we have seen the regional private aviation industry consolidate and mature at an unprecedented pace.

Titan Aviation has played a role in this process by offering all the benefits and advantages of aircraft ownership without any of the burdens such as regulatory issues, operational coordination, maintenance and administrative matters, and crew." - Capt. Sakeer C Sheik - MD, Titan Aviation

  • " Wouldn't hesitate to fly with Titan Aviation for a second time. Thank you for your prompt reminders and playing a crucial part in "landing" that all-important deal for us half-way across the globe. You are always highly recommended." - Jeremiah N . Napa Valley

  • " Starting with Capt Sakeer, the team is a delight to deal with. Leave the navigation through officialese to these guys. Trustworthy service and value. My L 600 has never been in better hands." - Laura Meeks .Dubai, UAE